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Providing support services for Property Investors

Helpful Property Group provide a full range of services including:

- Project Management & Construction Consultancy
- Training, Mentoring & Speaking in Property alterations and development
- Joint Venture Investment Opportunities
- Property Sourcing & Management

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Property Investors

Do you need help managing you refubishments and conversions? We have over 30 years experience managing building projects and can either manage your project or be available by telephone to help you. 

Our ad-hoc support service is there as and when you need it on a pay as you go basis.




Would you like to have a guaranteed rent from your property for the next few years with no additional costs, no risk of voids and no hassle? 

Helpful Property Group can provide a full management service similar to a corporate let to allow you to focus on your other business activities.



Investment Opportunities

Would you like to earn more interest on your savings than you can traditionally in the bank?  We can source properties to meet your investment strategy and financial requirements or show you projects that we are currently working on and

seeking investment.



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Property Investor Network meetings


How to Claim Your Voucher Code to Attend Any One of Over 50 pin Meetings Throughout the UK Completely Free of Charge

If you’ve never attended a pin meeting then you should know that these are probably the best and most cost effective way to increase your knowledge and make the right contacts. At Property Investors Network (pin) they provide a welcoming, supportive environment for new and experienced landlords and property investors all over the UK.


For your free, first time entry to a Kent pin meeting simply follow these instructions:


  • Go to to find out more about the next meeting
  • Enter “rapley” in the voucher code box
  • Your name will be added to the guest list and you will receive an email confirmation.


To gain free access to any of the over 50 pin meetings, anywhere in the country join pin Academy – it has masses of additional benefits such as webinar recordings, Q & A forums and special interest groups.

If you’d like to really boost your property investing journey and save thousands of pounds off your next property purchase we have a really special deal for you to attend a Property Investing Quickstart day. 

About Us


Helpful Property Group provide a fully customisable support service to Property Investors and members of the public.  Having undertaken specialist training provided by Simon Zutshi's Property Investors Network (pin) and with continued access to ongoing support from the Network they are able to tailor solutions to all property related problems.  As hosts of Kent pin, the largest property related networking event in the county, they regularly meet with specialists from all fields of property related businesses and can introduce clients where appropriate


Martin Rapley

With 30 years experience in the construction industry, Martin can help you with everything from repairs through to full scale refurbishment or development.  Whether you require ad-hoc telephone support, full Project Management or anything in between Martin is there to help.

01622 804494

Sarah Rapley 


Professional Property Investor & Landlord, Sarah specialises in helping others achieve their desired outcome with their property or investment by finding great deals for investors and helping landlords or owners with troublesome properties. 


01622 804494


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  • “We have been working closely with Martin for several years now and his contribution to us has made a real difference. We consider him an important part of team JVIP and have no hesitation in recommending him “

    Dick Dabner

  • "It has been my great pleasure to know and work with Martin, Sarah and Paul. 3 genuine and successful people." "Martin has also helped me recently with a project in London zone 2 where spaces are the main challenges. We completed that project and have monthly net income that is 22% higher than estimate" "Well done, dream team!"

    Tim Huang

  • Working with Martin and Sarah has been an excellent and rewarding experience

    Graham Hughes,Tonbridge

  • Thank you for all your help - it has been invaluable being able to seek your advice as we have gone along. Nearly there now...

    Rachael Plowman, Tonbridge